Need Your 501(c)(3)? ... We Can Help !

We provides assistance to you as an Individual or as a Nonprofit Organization regarding starting a nonprofit or helping you with your   501(c)(3) application ... Yes, we work with many types of nonprofit including...but not limited to:


 Feed The Homeless Programs


or ...

Youth Mentorship Programs


or ...

After School Programs


or ...

Animal Rescue Programs


or ...

Outreach Ministries,  Churches, Personal Care Homes, etc. etc.


Or Whatever Your Nonprofit Vision May Be.

If You Are Looking For Affordable Assistance In Preparing Your

501(c)(3) Tax Exemption Application

Well, Help Is Just One Click Away





PLEASE NOTE: The Nonprofit Lady, LLC is a Nonprofit Consulting Agency. It is not a law firm, and the employees are not acting as attorneys. The Nonprofit Lady, LLC does not practice law and does not give legal advice. Services provided by The Nonprofit Lady, LLC are not for the purpose of creating an attorney/client relationship, or to inform anyone of their legal rights or to represent anyone in a court of law.  Do not use any information as a substitute for obtaining qualified legal advice or other professional assistance. If you need legal counseling or representation, please contact a qualified licensed attorney.


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