Generation “Y” Leadership Training Workshop

Free For Youth Groups

Generation “Y” Leadership Training Workshop - A Free Workshop For Youth will give students a basic overview on how to establish / manage a nonprofit organization, giving rise to the insight and interest for human services. Also, to gain an appreciation for the workmanship of leaders, officers, board members, directors and managers; as well as, laying the ground work for these aspiring future business owners and entrepreneurs.

The workshop will lead students into role play and critical thinking as they take on the position of hypothetically developing a nonprofit organization, and sharing what benefits the organization would have in their community. Minimum number of 15 youth to be in attendance for this workshop.

Student Workshop Topics Include:

• Developing a Nonprofit
• Developing a Mission Statement
• Developing Bylaws
• Selecting Board Members
• Selecting An Organization Name
• Selecting Activities to support their mission



If you wish your group or organization to host a free workshop at your facility, please contact us at; or  or 404-936-0090 

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