Who Is The Nonprofit Lady?

                                The Nonprofit Lady ... Someone With A Heart ... Someone You Can Trust !

Linda Brooks Horton, is a Certified Nonprofit Consultant; the Executive Director of The Nonprofit Trinity Awards, Inc. and the Owner               and manager of The Nonprofit Lady, LLC., which is a Nonprofit and Business Consulting Agency that provides an alternative avenue            for receiving quality administrative proforma to individuals, families, profits and nonprofit organizations. Her aim is to serve, support and improve the development and advancement of start-up corporations; in planning, in organizing and in governance. Specializing in the        area of Small Nonprofit Organization and 501(c)(3). There is a true commitment to high quality customer service within the community,        throughout the state and around the nation.

Linda has been in the nonprofit sector for over 30 years. In the nonprofit leadership and administrative capacity for over 20 years.               She has facilitated on numerous Nonprofit Boards, organized several Community Outreach Programs, conducted many Family &           Business Mediation and Counseling sessions, helped to establish countless nonprofit organizations and 501(c)(3) statuses. Linda          Brooks Horton has an Associate Degree in Business Administration, a Certification in Christian Counseling and in General & Business Mediation.


In May 2008 - 'The Nonprofit Lady’ was the Featured Entrepreneur on the front page of “Smart Women DeKalb” Magazine.

She stated ... "My hope and dream is to be a benefit and a blessing to the individuals and small nonprofit organizations that                    I encounter each day - for I do not see what I do as a job…but as a ministry.


Linda truly has a heart for nonprofit organizations


If You Need Assistance Obtaining Your Nonprofit Contact Us:

The Nonprofit Lady, LLC
848 Oglethorpe Avenue SW #11006
Atlanta, GA 30310


Email: info@thenonprofitlady.org 

Phone: 404-936-0090

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